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Collagen and Health

Six years ago the captain of the British modern pentathlon team, James Greenwell, suffered a tendon injury to his ankle just at the peak of his career. Experts told James that it would take three months to repair the damage, so effectively ending his career. He felt there had to be an alternative so began research to find a faster acting treatment.

James ended up at the door of Professor Greg Whyte, Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science at John Moore’s University, Liverpool. Professor Whyte had been researching the use of collagen hydrolysate so suggested James went on a treatment of fifteen tablets a day. The injury improved so markedly that after an amazing 22 days, James resumed training. His experience means that other Olympic athletes use collagen tablets to treat similar injuries.

Collagen makes up about 76% of the skin, muscles and connective tissues in the body so is the most common structural protein we have in our bodies. Problems arise with age: at the age of twenty-five the human body starts to lose collagen at an annual rate of 1.5%. By the age of forty-five 30% has been lost.

Such a loss of collagen shows itself in a loss of peak physical performance (it is more noticeable the more vigorous the activity) and the ageing of the skin. Clearly lessened support for joints results from a reduction of collagen in ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage and connective tissues and explains such conditions as muscular skeletal injuries and arthritis. A reduction can also affect the immune system. The body therefore benefits from good collagen health.

Several studies back these theories. Recently a study jointly undertaken by the University of Munich and Stamford University examined two thousand sufferers (both male and female) of osteoarthritis in the knee and hip joints. 75% of those studied who used a collagen supplement reported increased mobility and a reduction of pain.

A study of four hundred American, German and British patients experiencing arthritic knees was made by Cape Western University. Some patients received collagen and the rest a placebo. Of those treated with collagen, 93% showed positive results, some after just two weeks. There was a general reduction in pain and an improvement in mobility. Similarly a project at Harvard Medical School showed 90% of those treated in this way had an improvement in mobility.

Supplementing the body’s collagen has taken several forms including creams and injections but probably the most efficient method of delivering the protein is in capsule form.

James Greenwell teamed up with Professor Greg Whyte on his retirement from athletics and marketed a collagen health supplement capsule. Together they created a company, Party On, and a brand, Proto-col, and distributes the capsules from their head office in Bradford-Upon-Avon in Wiltshire along with a range of other health and beauty products.

Perhaps it’s not surprising the beauty industry and celebrities are taking a great interest in their collagen health.

Supplements For Beauty and Anti-Aging

Nowadays, there’s more to retaining and attaining a beautiful complexion than simply applying topical creams and lotions. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly common to see more and more supplements touted as beauty products themselves, because of the effect they are said to have on the condition of the skin, hair or body.

Naturally, we know that our appearance on the outside is often affected by what goes on inside the body (in other words, what we put into our bodies is shown on the outside). The better we eat, the more exercise we get and the more hydrated we are, the better we look. It’s common sense, after all! However, scientists are discovering that there are ways we can supplement our diets even more effectively, giving us far more beautifying power than good old fashioned healthy eating.

For starters we’ve got vitamin and mineral supplements we can take for healthy skin and hair. These often contain various ingredients including (but not limited to) ascorbyl palmitate, alpha-lipoic acid, vitamin E, grape seed extract, vitamin A (or beta carotene), vitamin C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, zinc, copper, manganese, cysteine, PABA, choline as well as natural silica from horsetail and other components naturally derived from herbal sources.

There are also supplements containing marine extracts, fish oil extracts and other naturally occurring substances which have been shown to have a positive effect on the skin and body. Many claim to have anti-aging properties, which makes them incredibly popular, especially among those who are starting to show signs of aging and who are desperate to reverse the effects!

The question is – do these supplements really give us more than we can give ourselves through good nutrition, plenty of water, exercise and adequate rest and relaxation? And, more to the point, can we take the risk that we don’t need these sorts of supplements in order to give us the best longevity and anti-aging possible? You see, that’s quite often the crux of it. Many of us (especially women) are desperate to retain our youthful looks and complexion. And why wouldn’t we be, when we’re constantly being bombarded by images of youthful beauty? When we see women in their late 40s (Madonna is an excellent example) who look barely into their thirties? Many of us believe in the adage of “prevention is better than cure”, so we do what we can to prevent old age before it begins to catch up with us.

I’ll be completely honest here, and tell you that I’m no different to anyone else in this! As a woman rapidly approaching my mid-thirties, I’m starting to see time catching up to me all too quickly! And this is why I, like so many others, are looking into doing everything I can to maintain my health and skin long into old age. The result? Not only am I becoming increasingly aware of what I eat, the amount of activity I get, and the external skin care products I use, I’m also becoming more aware of the other things I could be doing to preserve my health, which is why I’ve started purchasing supplements designed to help a) keep my skin healthy and b) maintain my skin’s youth.

There are plenty of resources online where you can discover more about beauty products and information. It’s never been easier to find supplements and beauty products to suit your own needs.

Beautiful and Radiantly Healthy Skin with Rose Otto Pure Essential Oil

Rose oil is excellent as beauty oil for skin care and is harmonizing for ALL skin types.

Rosa damascena’s skin nourishing action makes it a useful addition to most facial and skin care formulas.

True Rose oil’s cooling effect is ideal for soothing sensitive or inflamed cell tissue. Rose oil promotes cellular regeneration.

Rose oil is also beneficial for treating skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and shingles.

Rose oil’s cleansing, moisturizing and tonic properties make it excellent choice for smoothing and softening facial lines and wrinkles.

A key ingredient in many Regenerative Skin Serums. Rose oil is especially nourishing and balancing for Mature, Sensitive and Dry Skin types.

Use Rose oil to fade old scars, blend with Helichrysum to enhance this effect!

ROSE OIL REGENERATIVE SERUM: To a 5 ml colored glass bottle with euro-dropper insert for dispensing filled with pure filtered (odorless) Jojoba oil add: Pure Essential oils of True Rose (3 drops), Ylang Ylang (1 drop), Carrot Seed (1 drop). Close and seal with bottle cap and shake gently to mix the pure essential oils in the jojoba oil. Allow your blend to synergize for a minimum of 2-3 hours or longer!

SKIN CARE BLEND WITH: Geranium, Helichrysum, Lavender, Spikenard, Ylang Ylang, Carrot Seed.

CAUTION: Please avoid during pregancy due to its hormonal effect. If you do want to use Rose oil while you are pregnant please consult a qualified professional aromatherapist, as some can be especially beneficial in certain situations.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many cheap, synthetic copies of aromatic oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. For best results purchase the highest quality oils you can possibly find. Use certified organic essential oils, or oils that have been tested and are pesticide free.

Aromatherapy is a gentle and noninvasive complementary health care system used for balancing and synchronizing your body, mind, spirit and emotions to enhance your health. Properly administered essential oils are a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being and can produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self diagnose.

Choose the Best Vitamins and Health Supplements For Healthier Life

A healthy body does not just appear to us we must maintain it, as long as you aspire to be fit; it calls for a lot of attention especially on your diet. The solution to this is the management of our day to day health supplements.

Vitamins are organic compounds in a nutrient and are vital to our bodies. Vitamins help our bodies to manage our health status. Vitamins supplements are from vegetables and fruits. Vitamins strengthen our body defense mechanisms and hence ensuring security for our health. These are part of the supplements that we should always consider always for a balanced diet. These vitamins are A, B, C, D, and E.

Ladies take care of so many things in life in fact if a woman is sick the family is and so is the society. Women should not in this case forget to observe their health. Women should look forward to meeting their hair, skin and not forgetting their multivitamins goals. For a healthy woman, here are some of the basic solutions.

Hair re-growth treatment will ensure the follicles are straight thus encouraging new hair growth. The lips of a woman are very vital; hence, the use of the lip gloss and balm makes a woman’s lips sexy, softer and smoother in a split of a second. Women’s breasts are enhanced naturally; this is easily achieved through breast actives. The multi-vitamin for women is designed to meet the multi-nutrient formula to all women.

Men are also very important and cannot be left out of this context. Men’s health is taken care of by the herbal store as it is with women. This provides a wide range of solutions all the way from multi- vitamin, multi-mineral supplements to hair loss and fertility. Like women, men also have a variety of products that will be a solution during that hard time in health .These are; Enlast personal lubricants, hair re-growth treatment for men, prostacet prostate formula, male enhancement prostate and many others.

Our skin is the largest body organ. The skin always needs a lot of work to prevent dehydration, sun burns and the peeling of skin. Everybody would love it if their skin was smooth, acne free, with no stretch mark. Here are some solutions for you to look to be able to maintain that youthful beauty ;( solution like Special Natural Skin Acne Treatment and Hair Removal. Some of the herbs here include Acnezine Acne Solution, Stretch Mark Prevention, Cream Brightness, Hair Removal Cream and many others.

Most people have a problem when it comes to weight they worry a lot. Worry no more because here is a solution for you to lose that weight faster and effectively. These products give you the best opportunity and include; Hondia Balance, All Weight Loss Pill, Carallum Burn, Hodia Chaser and many others.The way to a healthy living is through our daily food supplement. Let us ensure that we eat a well balanced diet food to maximize our health. This shall see a healthy and a performing world.